Our Story

Established in 1991 BRERA is an epicurean all day café and bar. We are inspired by the style of Milan, the ambience of classic European cafés and use only the finest seasonal ingredients.
Cafè Brera was the first coffee shop which opened in Canary Wharf, in 1991, in the heart of London’s busiest Financial centre. And here is where, just like 27 years ago, you can come to enjoy a splendid cup of Italian Espresso. Café Brera takes its inspiration from Milanese central district, famous for being the home of the most popular fashion designers, modern artists and architects. Now like many years ago visit Brera for an authentic experience of typical Brera District atmosphere, the Milanese Montmartre.
Visit Brera Terrace to escape the bustling Canary streets, to sit back and relax with a glass of wine or a cup of nice tea and listen to the sound of running water, almost like you are in small piazza in Milan. Try our new carefully thought out menu, that is best to compliment the excellent Italian coffee and drinks selection we offer.
We serve two blends of coffee sourced originally from bespoke farms across the Equator: House blend Robusta, a stronger richer flavor & Speciality coffee Arabica, the more delicate fruity flavor. We take pride in the coffee that we serve and commit to you to deliver our freshly roasted coffee beans with a strict 30-day use by date.
— News —
We strive to provide the best quality of food and service, so this year we are about to relaunch all our locations. For all our loyal client: not to worry, we are keeping our bestsellers and your favourite dishes! And we are giving our menu selection a bit of freshness. What to expect:

• The fresher menu selection.

• A better service

• A Carefully selected wine list

• And the modern refurbished cafes